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September 23th 2016

My name is Caroline Loos. The picture I have chosen was taken during a special moment in my life. Looking back on that day, I am reminded that strength and joy are always within me. Taken just after I jumped into the Atlantic Ocean in Fisterra, Spain, following a 1000-mile hike, which took around ten weeks to complete, this picture also carries some great memories for me.



My 1000-mile hike started in Le Puy, France. Maybe you have heard of it ? The route is called St. James’s Way, Fisterra is about 60 miles from Santiago De Compostela, which is considered the end of the pilgrimage. Upon arriving to Santiago, I felt like I needed more, and upon arriving to Fisterra, I needed to jump in the ocean and go for a swim.

Over the course of my hike, I used several essential oils:

– Wintergreen for calf massages
– Lavender for sunburns
– Grapefruit for weight loss
– Eucalyptus for cough relief

It was only because of space considerations that I didn’t bring more essential oils.

The more I use essential oils, the more they impress me.

I have cared for my grandparent’s dogs many times with essential oils, flavored recipes with it, and evenĀ  cleaned my house with it …

But most importantly I was able to get kick-started on my weight loss journey thanks to essential oils. Eventually losing 45 pounds in six months due to a strict regimen of walking, no sugar, and essential oils.

The reason I study essential oils is that I want everyone to know just how powerful these substances are.

Each week, I write an article about essential oils and natural remedies, articles that I share right here on my blog.

For the extra-dedicated, I have also made my book on the subject available for free.

Always test essential oils before you use them. Allergies are possible!

Talk to you soon,

Caroline Loos